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AFP Fibre Industrial Pipe Repair Kit AFP

AFP FIBRE FIX INDUSTRIAL PIPE REPAIR KIT is an instant emergency pipe and general repair system that is simple to use, and produces a strong and reliable repair within just minutes. AFP FIBRE FIX bandages have a woven fibreglass substrate, impregnated with a water-activated urethane resinIncluded in every kit is a single use AFP STEEL PUTTY to plug holes if required, or to even out the repair area prior to the application of the fibreglass bandage. 


Who will need this product?

Major industries such as the mining, industrial, plumbing, marine, domestic and agricultural environments are specific markets and areas of use for the AFP FIBRE FIX INDUSTRIAL PIPE REPAIR KIT.

AFP FIBRE FIX INDUSTRIAL PIPE REPAIR KIT is used in all industries where leakage occurs; including water pipelines, sludge & slurry pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, chemical pipelines, domestic pipes, drain pipes, etc. 

Advantages of this product

The ability of AFP FIBRE FIX INDUSTRIAL PIPE REPAIR KIT to perform effectively in emergency situations greatly reduces costly downtime and production losses. Because of the product’s ease of use, it can be applied by practically any apprentice applicator. AFP FIBRE FIX INDUSTRIAL PIPE REPAIR KIT can produce a successful long-lasting repair within 30 minutes, so it should be made available to all maintenance staff within your industry.

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