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Forecourt Nitrogen Solutions

Sell more fuel and build brand loyalty. By offering your customers FREE nitrogen top-ups for their tyres: You are providing the best possible inflation gas for their tyres – the gas that Formula 1 racing cars, Nascar, commercial aircraft and even the Tour de France use.

Benefits to Filling Stations

  • Attract new customers to your filling station by offering a professional nitrogen top-up service, where the customer can check and maintain their tyre pressure correctly.
  • Encourage repeat business. Give customers a service centre where they can check their pressures with nitrogen any time of the day
  • Our Nitrogen Generators are 100% pneumatic. No electricity needed
  • You are benefiting your bottom-line. Filling station owners who offer a nitrogen service have testified that they have noticed increased fuel sales as a result of offering a FREE nitrogen top-up
Filling stations


  • Makes the nitrogen, by filtering the air from your air compressor – No refilling needed

  • Nitrogen extends tyre life – tyres at the correct temperature and the correct pressure will give you maximum tyre life.

  • Is designed to clamp onto the forecourt pillar or hose reel pole – easy installation with no hot work required

  • Is a modular design. Even the smallest forecourt can have one. For larger sites, we recommend 2 or 3 units


Model: NP60

Forecourt Nitrogen Solutions

With nitrogen inflation of passenger tyres becoming commonplace in the market, more and more customers with nitrogen inflated tyres are demanding a nitrogen top-up from their filling station. Designed for and approved by fuel companies for their filling stations Nitralife’s FC03 generator is the solution. In South Africa alone some 80,000+ cars per month are having new tyres fitted and filled with Nitrogen. This is the client base that filling stations are using Nitrogen to attract new clients from, and it is working.

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