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Nitralife Nitrogen Generators make nitrogen gas on-site, on demand, via your air compressor. No refilling needed.


  • Nitralife Nitrogen Generators are portable and can be mounted on a trailer or service vehicle.

  • Nitrogen Generators are 100% pneumatic. No electricity needed

  • Extended tyre life. Tyres running at the correct temperature and correct pressure will not only be safer but will last longer

  • Fewer tyre failures and improved retreadability. Unoxidised rubber casings remain flexible and are less susceptible to impact fractures and tyre failures. Nitrogen casings can also be retreaded more times

  • Tyres maintain pressure better. Nitrogen is the slowest migrating gas through a tyre. Tyres running at the correct pressure flex less, run cooler and last longer

  • No oxidation of the inner liner. Nitrogen tyre casings remain stronger and more flexible. Nitrogen tyres will hold pressure better throughout the life of the tyre


Tyre Life

Both Bridgestone and Continental have documents describing the effect of under-inflation on the life of a tyre:

  • Correctly inflated tyre = 100% tyre life
  • 20% Under-inflated = 70% tyre life
  • 29% Under-inflated = 50% tyre life
  • 36% Under-inflated = 39% tyre life
  • 44% Under-inflated = 31% tyre life
  • 55% Under-inflated = 25% tyre life
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