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Nitrogen inflation of large OTR tyres has become compulsory at many open-cast mines around the world. Nitralife Nitrogen systems for OTR tyre inflation are on-site nitrogen gas generators custom-built to customer specifications providing fast, reliable inflation times for any size OTR tyre.

Nitralife manufactures nitrogen inflation solutions for all size OTR tyres from 25” and 29” ADT tyres to the larger 57” and 63” tyres; including dedicated new tyre inflation and high-pressure top-up systems.


  • Tyres maintain pressure better. Nitrogen is the slowest migrating gas through a tyre. Tyres running at the correct pressure flex less and therefore run cooler

  • Safety First. Removing oxygen from the tyre removes the possibility of a fire within a tyre as well as the resulting explosion

  • Extended tyre life. Tyres running at the correct temperature and correct pressure will not only be safer but will last longer

  • No refilling needed. Our Nitrogen Generators make nitrogen gas on-site, on demand, via your air compressor

  • Our Nitrogen Generators are 100% pneumatic. No electricity needed

  • Our Nitrogen Generators are modular. Nitralife can offer a nitrogen solution for any size tyre or fleet


  • Stand-alone nitrogen generators
  • Complete nitrogen systems including dedicated air compressor and vessels
  • Fully-fitted containerised nitrogen systems – plug & play
  • Portable diesel/petrol operated nitrogen trailers
  • Digital tyre inflators (electric or battery operated)
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