Spray Painting

Nitraspray Nitrogen solutions for spray painting applications

Nitraspray nitrogen systems offer a paint application process that is consistent and reliable, resulting in superior paint transfer. Get a higher quality finish, using less paint, with better coverage – saving you both time and money.

Nitrogen in spray painting applications

The use of nitrogen as a paint carrier is specified for professional spray painting and offers overall quality improvement and savings in paint consumption. Nitrogen gas is pure, clean and dry, helping reduce over-spray. Factors such as fish-eyes, pin holes and orange peel are a major cause of rework, extra cost and lost time. With the use of Nitraspray nitrogen, a spray painter can significantly improve productivity and quality as well as decrease paint costs by 10 – 15%

Nitrogen in other industries

The use of nitrogen has benefits that extend across a wide variety of applications and industries. A primary target market for on-site nitrogen generation has always been high volume/constant-use industrial applications like plasma and laser cutting; and also in tyre inflation market for large open cast mining, long-haul transport and the passenger tyre market. As a pure, clean, inert gas – Nitrogen contains no oxygen and therefore it does not oxidise or retain heat, and when used in tyres it means they will not over-heat making them safer and better performing. The use of on-site nitrogen for laser cutting provides the customer with an affordable, dependable method to produce their own nitrogen assist gas on-site, 24 hours a day, and for a fraction of the normal cost.

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